Polytoria Showcase: FAQ

Polytoria Showcase is a monthly event that is uploaded to the blog every month. The blog posts usually range from 2-5 minutes, and sometimes information that isn't related to Polytoria Showcase can be found at the end of the articles.


This help post is here to help you learn more about Polytoria Showcase, how you can participate, and submit what you think qualifies for the topics we offer!


There are currently 6 topics, and there are 5 that all users are eligible to attempt to get into. We currently offer the following topics to all users:


  • User of the Month
  • Game of the Month
  • Clothing of the Month
  • Guild of the Month
  • Model of the Month


To be eligible for User of the Month, you need to be a good role model in the community. We usually seek users who are active, friendly, and willing to talk to people within our community. A good example of being a good member is by talking on the forums, being overall active on the Discord Server, playing games with other users, and so much more.


To be eligible for Game of the Month, we usually look for well-scripted games. Games that can keep players in-game, and let the community have the fun time that we want them to have. Scripted games aren't the only type of games that we look for however, we also seek games that are well-built, for example, showcase games, where you can look around at the beautiful designs that people can come up with. Games that have no effort, or little to no content in the games, are not eligible to be chosen for Game of the Month, and we recommend that you put some more effort into your game for a better chance at being chosen.


To be eligible for Clothing of the Month, you need to create an asset on Polytoria that is made using our template. If the asset is deemed stolen, we have the right to remove your asset from the blog post without informing or notifying you. High-quality assets that are created on Polytoria are a perfect fit to be chosen for Clothing of the Month, and original designs that aren't taken from other websites or inspired by other assets are a great way for being chosen for this topic.


To be eligible for Guild of the Month, your guild needs to have over 20 members, and have a reason that the guild is made. For example, the Namesnipes guild is made for showing off cool names that you can get on Polytoria. If your guild doesn't have a reason or doesn't represent something, there's a high chance that it doesn't qualify for Guild of the Month. Guilds that are designed for selling clothing qualify for Guild of the Month, as the guild is representing clothing.


To be eligible for Model of the Month, you need to create a model that has detail and effort put into it. If you're uploading something like a brick, that will not be classified as a legitimate model and will be disqualified. Think of something original, and make sure that what you're uploading isn't stolen! We have the right to take you out of our showcases at all times if we've detected foul play to get the rewards.


Staff of the Month is a topic that users are all not eligible for. Administrators of Polytoria are occasionally rewarded this topic for being hard-working, participating in events, and so much more. You can read at the end of all showcases who wins this award. Users cannot attempt to be eligible for this topic.


Everyone who is chosen for the following topics that we offer is given the following rewards for being chosen:

  • Polytoria Showcase Trophy
  • Polytoria Showcase Badge

During the holidays, Polytoria Showcase hosts yearly special showcases where you have the chance to qualify for the same topics, but they must be related to the holiday. These holidays include Halloween and Christmas, with more to come in the future. The following rewards are given out to the exclusive winners of these holidays:

  • Winter Showcase Trophy
  • Halloween Showcase Trophy


If you believe that you're eligible for any of the topics that we listed above, you can join the official Polytoria Showcase Discord where you can submit yourself! We can't promise that you'll be chosen, but it helps to submit yourself so we know that you think that you're eligible.


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