Guidelines for Uploading Audio

We offer our developers to upload audio files to use in their games. However, these files must comply with the following guidelines.

- Your audio file has to comply with the Polytoria Terms of Service.
- Your audio file must have the .MP3 format.
- Your audio file cannot be greater than 20 MB in size.
- Your audio file cannot be longer than 5 minutes.
- Your audio file must be easy to hear. This means you cannot upload audio files which are excessively increased in volume or pitch.
- Your audio file may not contain any copyrighted material. Ensure that you have the rights to use the audio file, or your audio file may be removed without any warning or notice, with no refund.

Audio Cost:
The price of uploading an audio file depends on the length of your audio. You pay 0.75 bricks per second of audio, with a minimum price of 2 bricks.

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