Polytoria Community Guidelines

Welcome to Polytoria!

Polytoria is an online community-generated platform where players from around the world can create and play in digital worlds.

Like every online community, we have rules. These rules are put in place to ensure a safe and friendly environment for children, teenagers, and adults alike who play and enjoy our platform.

We are a safe space! Polytoria allows users of all kinds to create an account and have an equal and fair opportunity, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs. We strive to be a welcoming space for all users, and anything that disrupts this is not allowed on our platform.


About these rules

These rules apply to all behavior on the website. When chatting with other players, creating items, or creating posts within our community, the actions you perform in game and the content you create need to follow these policies, with no exceptions given.

These rules may be changed at any time, and we will notify you when a rule is added or changed on our Discord server as well as on our news feed and in a site banner.

The most important part of these rules is the idea behind them. When following these rules, we ask that you follow the spirit of the rules rather than the word. If something feels wrong or you feel like you shouldn't be doing something, you probably shouldn't be doing it. Ask a staff member or email us at help@polytoria.com if you have any other questions or need clarifications on what is and isn't allowed.

Types of disruption in game or in our community include:


I. Harassment

Spreading rude remarks, sharing offensive or controversial terms and acronyms, or creating items to mock or target specific users or groups are strictly prohibited. Do not tarnish the good will or the moral well being of your fellow users.


II. Illegal content

Anything highly illegal in the real world is also illegal in Polytoria. We strictly prohibit topics or content that refer to illegal activities or controversial behaviors, such as:

  • Drugs, including references, instructions to create or obtain drugs, illegal/highly-regulated substances, or any discussions of content that surrounds drugs.
  • Tobacco use, including references to smoking and e-cigarettes
  • Terrorism and threats of terrorist attacks
  • Death threats
  • Alcohol use, including references to getting drunk and consuming alcoholic beverages of any kind
  • Extreme violence
  • Defamation and violent slandering


III. Child Endangerment

Polytoria is a platform for all ages, including children. Any content, activities, or discussions around activities that may put a child in a dangerous, uncomfortable, or sexual situation will result in immediate account termination as well as a report filed to local authorities. We take the safety of children very seriously, and will take all actions needed to ensure children as well as children that use our platform are safe.


IV. Sexual content

Any form of sexual content is not allowed on Polytoria. References to pornography, sex, exposed body parts, reproductive genitals, or any other form of sexual content is not allowed and will result in immediate account termination.

Users may not post content or discuss activities that sexualize humans, animals, inanimate objects, other users, or Polytoria avatars. Slang, topics, acronyms, or scientific words referring to topics of sexual or reproductive behavior are not allowed and fall under our profanity policy.


V. Profanity

Polytoria does not allow harmful language, including cussing, slander, hateful words, references to hateful or sexualized topics, and common profane words. We do not allow profanity of any kind, regardless of the language it’s spoken in.

We have a chat filter in place to detect and block this kind of language. Attempting to get around this filter by omitting letters, adding spaces or other characters, using special characters, letters, or emoji to replace parts of the word, or any other means to convey the original meaning of the word is not allowed. Additionally, profanity may not be used in games, worlds, items, community posts, or any other form of content that players can create on our platform. 

“Testing” the filter (I.e intentionally sending profane words to determine if they are blocked by our filter) or experimenting with our filter in any way is not allowed, and disclosing that you are "simply testing the filter" does not excuse the activity.

Bypassing our word filter will result in severe punishment by our community moderators.


VI. Spam

Spam consists of content that is deliberately crafted to cause disruption to other users, and is not allowed. Examples of spam include:

  • Repeatedly sending the same message over and over
  • Sending large blocks of repeated characters
  • Sending strings of random nonsensical characters
  • Using Unicode special characters to cause disruption (I.e "Zalgo")
  • Sending blocks of random text with the intent of causing disruption (I.e “Copypastas”)
  • Sending massive amount of content in a short time frame
  • Repeatedly uploading gibberish content or repeatedly uploading a single asset to the Polytoria website

We have spam filters put in place to slow users down if they send content too fast.

Similar to our profanity policy, attempting to bypass our spam filters may result in account termination.


VII. Scams, phishing, and gambling

Polytoria has an economy of traders, creators, and developers who trade digital assets using our virtual currency, “bricks.”

As with any economy, there will always be a group of users who try to defraud others in an attempt to steal their belongings.

At Polytoria, we try our best to combat scammers and phishers to the best of our ability. As such, any form of scams are strictly prohibited and participating in or helping scams of any kind will result in bans to all of your accounts.

We do not allow:

  • Claims to get free bricks/items
  • Games that claim to give out free bricks/items or prizes upon completion or victory
  • Brick/item sweepstakes, lotteries, or pay-to-enter giveaways
  • Gambling of any kind, including pay-to-play reward or challenge games
  • Links to platforms or groups that involve phishing websites or brick scams, including links on platforms that are allowed in our offsite link policy


VIII. Giveaways

On-platform giveaways are allowed on the basis that the giveaway host is honest, does not discriminate or "cherry pick" the winner, and discloses all of the giveaway rules clearly. The giveaway rules must be disclosed before users are allowed to enter.

As a giveaway host, you may only give away tradable items, bricks, or rewards/items/powerups/currency in a Polytoria game, and you must distribute the rewards legally by using our trading or item market system.

All users must be allowed to join the giveaway, and giveaways cannot discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, Polytoria/real life status or wealth, or any other factor. The giveaway winner must be chosen by true randomness alone.

Contests, tournaments, and challenges with a prize pool are also allowed on the basis that they follow all of the giveaway rules mentioned above, disclose the contest rules beforehand, allow all users to participate, and judge the winner fairly and accurately based on the predetermined rules.


IX. Account Trading

Your Polytoria account represents you, and should only be accessed by you and nobody else. Buying and selling login passwords, tokens, or access codes to Polytoria accounts is strictly prohibited. Accounts may not be shared between multiple users.

Giving away or selling accounts is strictly prohibited and will result in a poison ban of the account’s owner, a termination of the receiver, and a termination of the account itself.

Any account created to represent a group, clan, guild, or event may only be accessed by one user, usually being the group owner, and its password may not be shared amongst group members.

X. Alternate Accounts

On Polytoria, you are allowed to have multiple accounts ("alternate accounts" or "alts"), as long as they follow some additional rules:

  • You may not have more than 5 active alternate accounts at a time.
  • If one of your accounts is banned or punished by a moderator, you may not use any other account during the duration of the ban, even if the ban was initiated on an alternate account.


All of your alternate accounts, including your main account, must follow all of the community guidelines equally. You may not create accounts to impersonate real world government officials, celebrities, politicians, Polytoria staff and moderators, Polytoria game developers, or other Polytoria users.

“Alt farming”, “brick farming”, and “alt grinding” all fall under the umbrella of a process where users create alternate accounts to deliberately gain an unfair advantage over other users. Attempting to use alternate accounts to pool our free daily bricks into a single account/group of accounts/clan is not allowed and will result in a poison ban of all your accounts, and it may even result in a permanent restriction from creating new accounts in the future. Additionally, unless otherwise stated, any form of free promotion or event reward is available on a “one per person” basis, and using alternate accounts to gain an unfair advantage in these types of official events or promotions is not allowed.

This rule also applies to free content within Polytoria games. If a game created in Polytoria gives out free currency or items, you may not use alternate accounts to gain an unfair advantage.

An exception to this rule is purchased bricks and membership payouts. Buying bricks and receiving bonus bricks from daily membership payouts is a legitimate way to create new bricks, and bricks that have been purchased from our website as well as bricks received by having an active Pro subscription may be transferred between accounts without punishment.


XI. Offsite links

Polytoria does not allow users to post links to external websites, FTP servers, InterPlanetary File System (IFS), peer-to-peer sharing networks such as torrents, links on cryptocurrency blockchains,  IP addresses, or other means of accessing machines connected to the Internet.

You may not bypass our link filter by sending partial links, fragments of links, telling users to replace characters in a URL, or directing users to enter a URL path to a known website.

We understand that users enjoy creating and sharing content on other platforms, so we have created a strict whitelist of a few external social platforms that users may discuss and send links to:

  • YouTube: videos and channels (youtube.com)
  • Twitch: Vod videos and channels (twitch.tv)
  • Twitter: Tweets, accounts, and articles (twitter.com)
  • Instagram: posts, stories, and accounts (instagram.com)
  • TikTok: posts and accounts (tiktok.com)
  • Google Suite:
    • Google Docs (docs.google.com)
    • Google Slides (slides.google.com)
    • Google Sheets (sheets.google.com)
    • Google Drawings (drawings.google.com)
    • Websites created via. Google Sites (sites.google.com)
  • Links to other Google services like Google Drive, Calendar, or Photos are not allowed
  • Discord*: Approved server invites (discord.gg)
    • * Please refer to our Discord policy below





All content linked to on external third-party sites must also follow the Polytoria community guidelines. As a rule of thumb, treat all external content you link to as content you've personally uploaded to polytoria.com

At this time, links or invite codes alternative chat platforms such as Guilded, Slack, and Signal are not currently allowed. As we gain more understanding of these platforms, we will slowly allow more of them over time.


Our Discord Policy

Polytoria uses the Internet chat application Discord to connect to our communities together into a single place.

Certain Discord servers are officially managed by Polytoria, and a maintained list of our servers can be accessed at https://help.polytoria.com/en/blog/discord-servers

We may have specific, additional rules that only apply to content in our Discord server. These rules can be found in the #rules text channel in the respective servers.

Additionally, users are allowed to share invite links and codes to Discord servers related to their Polytoria games, groups, or communities:

  • When creating and inviting players to a Polytoria community Discord server, you must add our official Polytoria community bot to your Discord server to ensure it gets properly regulated and checked to meet our community standards. You can do this by following the instructions at https://help.polytoria.com/en/blog/discord-bot

Links to content, audio, videos, pictures, or files uploaded to Discord CDN (I.e cdn.discord.com) are NOT allowed. Please upload them to Polytoria or send them in the media channels of our Discord server instead.

Please note that Discord is a platform for users of age 13 or older. If you or your child is age 12 or younger, you/your child cannot join any of our Discord servers.


Contact Our Team

If you still can't find an answer to what you're looking for, or you have a specific question, open a new ticket and we'd be happy to help!

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