Polytoria New Site & Economy Reset FAQ

Here’s all the necessary information you might need regarding the upcoming changes to the Polytoria website.


What is happening to Polytoria?

On April 7, 2023, Polytoria will go temporarily offline for 1 week from April 7 to April 14 to replace the old website with the new one. During this time, we will be migrating all data from the legacy website to the new website.


As of today, April 2, 2023, all outgoing trades and the limited market have been disabled. You may no longer trade and buy/sell items until the new site releases on April 14, 2023.


What will be retained/reset in the data migration?

The following data will be reset or removed:

  • User avatars will be reset to the default character
  • User inventories and item collections will be removed
  • Bricks and studs will be reset to zero
  • Previous trade records will be removed
  • User-created clothing will be removed. If you would like to download your clothing, please read the “How can I keep any clothing I have made?” section for instructions.
  • All hats will be removed and select hats will be slowly re-released over time.

The following data will stay on the new site:

  • User accounts (usernames, login passwords), profiles, and join dates
  • User wall posts and feed posts
  • Select badges
  • All forum posts
  • All guilds, guild posts, and guild ranks
  • All places, models, scripts, and Polytoria user creations
  • To prevent any issues, all user-created audio and decals will also be retained and will keep their original IDs. If you are a place creator, you will not need to make any additional changes.


What should I do before Polytoria goes offline?

April 6, 2023, will be the last day to browse the legacy Polytoria website before it is permanently closed. If you would like to save your avatars and item collections, you can use the "Save Page" feature of your web browser before they are removed.


I bought bricks or Polytoria Pro before, can I get them back?

Any amount spent on Polytoria will be returned to you in store credit to your account automatically. Please read on to "What is store credit?" for more information.


What is store credit, and how do I get it?

Store credit is a virtual wallet on your Polytoria account that you can use to purchase bricks and membership on the new website.

Currently, you will get store credit based on two factors:

  • Any past money you spent on the website will be fully returned to you in store credit.
  • Your account's networth (limiteds you currently own) will result in bonus credit being applied to your account!

Please do not ask us how much you will be compensated


What about my limiteds, rare items, and event items?

Because all items are being removed, you will unfortunately not have access to your limiteds after April 7, 2023.

Specific event items like Polytoria Egg Hunt eggs, Discord Nitro Booster items, and Polytoria ARG event rewards will be automatically returned to your account.

However, we are going to compensate all traders! If you own limiteds that bring your networth above a threshold value, you will be given store credit based on your account's networth. Please read the "What is store credit?" section for more information.


Here’s a helpful table that shows what you will receive based on your Polytoria account networth:

If you have more than 1,000 networth, you'll get an exclusive mystery item along with any bonus credit you receive!
Additionally, if you have over 10,000 networth, you'll receive both the 1,000 item and another mystery item along with the aforementioned credits.


 An exclusive mystery item


 Another exclusive mystery item


 $5 (about 500 bricks)


 $12 (about 1,300 bricks)


 $25 (about 2,750 bricks)


Disclaimer: Please note that if you were involved in item duplication exploits or gained your networth through any other illegitimate means, you may be disqualified from receiving any of these compensation rewards.


How can I keep any clothing I have made?

If you have created any clothing that you would like to keep, we have added a "Download Template" button on the creations tab. You can use this button to download the templates and re-upload them to the new website.

Are there going to be any economy resets in the future?

The answer is NO!




We hope this FAQ has answered any questions you may have about the upcoming changes to the Polytoria website. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our team at discord.gg/polytoria

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